Bucket List 3: Live with Less

When my mother passed away, I had to empty her house of years of “stuff”. There were years of boxes, clutter, clothing, and personal things. It made me realize how little we really need to survive. The spirit needs nothing of the things we leave behind. It felt like a heavy emotional weight I had to lift. By getting rid of her things, I felt like I was actually letting her go, and letting her spirit be free.

Despite this, I accumulated more than I had room for in my new house. I too was guilty of overbuying things I didn’t really need. I spent countless hours organizing and keeping hold of things, I was unsure I would ever really use again. In order to really be successful at my life bucket list, I need to let go of the things weighing me down. I need to let go of “stuff” that doesn’t really buy me happiness or bring me closer to achieving my dreams.

I’d rather fill my life with memories and great moments, than hold on to material things that don’t bring me joy. In fact, some cause more problems than happiness. The things that I remember most from the years my mother lived, are not the material things she left me, but the moments we shared, and the dreams we promised to take on together. Before she passed, she went to Greece, and I was so happy to know she had one last great memory of this life. The stuff I threw and gave away, couldn’t buy the happiness she experienced on that trip.

I want to live a life defined by moments, rather than things. So my third bucket list, is to try to live with less. So I can make room for more things to fill my life with.

2 thoughts on “Bucket List 3: Live with Less

  1. So perfectly said. I want to get rid of all the clutter in my life. I spend this morning cleaning and throwing out things from drawers… I am so grateful that your Mom connected with me because of her trip to Greece. We spoke of going back and seeing Chios the Island Billy was from. Maybe you and your family will come with us one day. And we can show you all the fun beautiful places she saw and the ones I wanted to show her. When I visit I would love to see pictures from her trip if you have any. Love you , Mirita..

    • Terri-I just realized I had a comment! Thank you first of all for being my second comment! LOL. I am so glad that you did this too-I just finished my garage sale. I was so happy to see the house look clearer-you know my mom loved that. She always loved clearing and cleaning-she said it cleared your life too. I do think that. Plus the things I sold were truly appreciated because I sold them inexpensively and gave a few away-and then donated more. It felt really good on some many levels! I will upload the pictures of Greece soon! And remember that one year you should come to Spain with me too-that would be nice. xoxo

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